Coffin Trolley


This church / coffin trolley / truck can be used in funeral homes for displaying coffin / caskets.

The church trolley is made of a strong, rectangular, aluminum alloy. The Church trolley features a protective, anodized finish that keeps the trolley looking bright, new and is easy cleaned. The stable x-frame undercarriage and rubber rests help to secure the coffin. There are brakes on each of the 6″ rubber wheels (see final photo in gallery below for our new braked 6″ rubber wheel).

When the coffin tolley is moved, special, built-in handles x 4 allows the truck to be lifted over steps or kerbs and aids moving the trolley by bearers.

This coffin trolley locks in four positions (4th position is closed position), allowing a wide range of coffin / casket sizes to be displayed with one truck. The additional length also increases the stability and makes an attractive appearance.

Colours = Silver or Gold finish available, please specify.

Technical Details.

Size 1  74 x 60 x 79 cm

Size 2  128 x 60 x 71 cm

Size 3  155 x 60 x 63 cm

Size 4  16 x 60 x 80 x 62m (folded)

Package Size 62 x 18 x 85 cm

Load Bearing <400 kgs / 63 stone

N.W. 19 Kgs G.W. 20 Kgs (based on 6″ wheels.

Prices are inclusive and include delivery charges (UK & Ireland)

Wheel Type

Wheel Type